Schoodic Woods
Winter Harbor and Gouldsboro, Maine
Welcome Center Complex The timber frame welcome center, restroom building and granite entry plaza are designed to be evocative of the CCC era, the signature period in the development of national park facilities. The welcome center complex serves as the gateway to the bike path system and an interface between the campground and the day use parking area. The site is landscaped with plant materials native to the site, included red maples, serviceberry, jack pine, white spruce, huckleberry and ferns; and stormwater treatment is carefully integrated into the design of the complex.

The 100-space tiered parking area is located on the site of a former yarding area for timber harvesting. The landscape tiers that divide the parking bays reduce the visual impact of the lot and concentrate pedestrian access into designated crosswalks. The lower parking aisle of each bay is paved with porous asphalt, infiltrating stormwater into the engineered fills beneath the lot for storage, treatment and recharge.