Schoodic Education and Research Center
Winter Harbor, Maine
Campus Improvements Working with the National Park Service, Coplon Associates developed a master plan and implementation documentation for the redevelopment of the former Navy base in Winter Harbor, Maine into a campus for educational and research activities. The design focused on the developed area of the former Navy base, addressing building use, vehicular circulation and parking needs, pedestrian connections, landscape character and campus operations and management. The plan reduced the overall footprint of the developed area and established a pedestrian oriented campus through a hierarchy of circulation. Primary pathways form key linkages between academic, residential and social centers on campus. Vehicles are directed to two primary parking areas at the north and south ends of campus with pedestrian connections to program and activity areas. Landscape improvements draw upon the existing natural landscape to create an identifiable campus character, supported by a new system of environmental graphics for signage with new energy efficient, ‘dark sky’ lighting. In keeping with the underlying goals of sustainability and stewardship, the plan reduced the number of structures and paved areas resulting in a transformation of approximately 5.5 acres of impervious surfaces into landscaped space. Reuse of on-site processed demolition materials minimized the need for export / import of earthwork materials. Low Impact Development (LID) practices will be integrated into the site design with the intention of using the campus for LID demonstration and research. The $9 million project opened in August of 2011.