Maine Coast Memorial Hospital
Ellsworth, Maine
Mary Dow Center
Healing Garden
Coplon Associates has demonstrated its deft hand in designing healing and contemplative gardens that provide therapeutic and welcoming refuges for patients, families, and care givers. The garden at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital’s Mary Dow Cancer Center was created to provide a comforting environment for those receiving treatment in the newly developed facility. Designed for a modest construction budget, the garden provides a year-round therapeutic visual focus for the adjacent treatment center and an accessible, green oasis during the warmer months. The garden features a gently curving path interwoven with a “stream” of river stones. A Lunaform fountain serves as the “source” of the stream providing the gentle sounds of flowing water. The rich planting pallete is designed to provide year round interest while screening the adjacent access drive and parking areas. The seating alcove adjacent to the fountain is designed for moveable furniture and wheelchair access, with the adjacent birch and maples providing shade as they mature.